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Webinar: Service Management – Labor Efficiency

December 9, 2014
11 a.m.-Noon CST
Presented by Ron Slee

Webinar: Service Management – Labor Efficiency
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AED Members: $95.00
Nonmembers: $145.00

Efficiency and quality are the two most important performance measures for supervision of a service department. How you measure labor efficiency leads you to be able to manage labor efficiency. The detailed definitions and calculations as well as tried and true methods to achieve high labor efficiency are the hallmarks of this webinar.

When employees are given specific direction the results are impressive. Without it they can be disastrous. The billing efficiency, the amount of time that can be billed versus paid is not the same as labor efficiency. Labor efficiency is owned by the technician but is directly influenced by the methods used to schedule work by the first level supervisor. This brings together inspections, job segmentation, standard jobs coding, and standard job times. Fundamentals of scheduling then can be applied and allow the performance of the work by a service department to become predictable.

Finally the elements that interfere with good labor efficiency are exposed and suggestions developed for each so that they can be overcome. The customer will benefit greatly from predictable completion dates which will be the "intended" consequence of this webinar for all service management and supervision.

About the presenter:
Ron Slee is the founder of R.J. Slee & Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in dealership operations – celebrating more than 30 years in business in the U.S. Ron also operates Quest Learning Centers, a company that provides training services specializing in product support; and Insight (M&R) Institute, a company that operates and facilitates Dealer Twenty Groups.

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