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Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) is an international trade association based in Oak Brook, IL, representing construction equipment distributors, manufacturers and industry-service firms. AED members sell, service and rent equipment to such markets as heavy and light construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, aggregates, engines and industrial.

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AED's Political Action Committee (PAC) allows equipment distributors speak with a common voice in the political process by helping to elect federal candidates who share the political goals of the equipment industry.

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The AED Foundation


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The AED Foundation relies primarily on the personal and financial generosity of AED members. Those members know that strengthening the Foundation means that they are contributing to the solidity and continuity of the industry. Investors recognize that the Foundation stands alone in providing many special services to the construction equipment industry. Thanks to investors, the Foundation continues to fill a void by creating programs that would not exist otherwise and which fulfill AED members' needs.

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Accredited Technical Schools
AED Accredited post-secondary colleges have met the rigorous requirements of AED's national standards for equipment technology programs. These Standards for Construction Equipment Technology have been developed and are updated by The AED Foundation's Technical Training Committee with broad representation from industry distributors, technical schools, and manufacturers. The standards have truly been developed "by industry, for the industry" to meet specific industry needs.

AED Recognized Education Alliance Schools
AED Recognized Education Alliance Schools have met technical program requirements that have been defined by the AED dealers working with those technical schools. These "locally-defined technical standards" are derived from, and are a subset of, AED national technical standards. AED local dealer groups determine when the schools have met the established requirements. AED Recognition via the Alliance program is conferred by the AED local dealer group. AED Alliance schools are also encouraged to maintain the momentum and achieve AED Accreditation.

Accreditation Schools in Process and Prospects
AED Accreditation Schools In Process are actively working to achieve AED Accreditation with support from local AED dealers. Typically the in process schools shown here have either requested an AED Accreditation application or AED Evaluation Team Leaders have made a courtesy visit or evaluation and have determined that the school is a candidate for AED Accreditation. This group of colleges continues to grow with the increasing demands of the heavy equipment industry for skilled technicians.

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