2021 Executive Conclave Workshop Description


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Surviving and Prospering in a Disruptive World (Presentation & Roundtable Discussion)
Wednesday, September 1 | 2:15 pm – 5:00 pm | Dr. Bill McCleave, PE

As we recover from the chaos of the COVID pandemic, most of us realize that many phases of our lives and business processes were disrupted and perhaps changed forever. There were both winners and losers as we moved from huge global problems to creative local solutions.

Disruptions and the forces that cause them are not new and will always be there. Recognizing the sources of disruptions and how you can react are critical for both survival and prosperity in your business future.
Through this presentation, attendees will receive an informative historical perspective on the industry’s big disruptors and how we adapted and changed the world around us. We will also explore the forces and technologies that are impacting us now and examine what we can do to take advantage of the power of disruptors in the future.

This session will also feature moderated roundtable discussions where attendees will share with peers what they think about current and future disruptors and learn what they plan to do about it so that they can develop their own action plans for the future.

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