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Tuesday, June 29 Sessions: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm | Wednesday, June 30 Sessions: 8:45 am – 12:00 pm


2021:  A Year of (r)Evolution for HR
Nick Araco

With growing optimism for a robust recovery, Finance and HR leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to lead their enterprises to new heights. How they answer the challenge will shape their businesses for years to come.

Join CEO Nick Araco, ‘the voice for the Middle Market,’​ representing the more than 15,000 Finance and HR Leaders of The CFO Alliance and The CHRO Alliance Peer Advisory Networks, for a candid discussion and best practice-sharing session on enterprise performance optimization for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

Topics of discussion will include:

  1. With a tightening jobs market, what are you doing to attract and retain top talent?
  2. What are the most critical (biggest bang for the buck) tech investments you can make in your function? For the enterprise as a whole? How do these align with your talent strategies?
  3. Making the business case for investment: Where should you look for the quickest savings? The biggest savings? The biggest revenue builder? How much time and resources are saved when time spent on low-level work is reduced? What would you do with that new time and/or money?
  4. Governance and planning. Who needs to be in the room to get the most from technology and talent investments?
  5. What is the biggest obstacle to getting to the next level of tech. Money, talent, or organizational inertia? What can you do about it?
  6. Fed Chair Jerome Powell recently told 60 Minutesthat cybersecurity is the biggest threat to an expected economic rebound. What are you doing to stay out in front of new cyber threats?

Expand Your Influence Across the C-Suite
Ed Wallace
Relational Capital Group

HR leaders often find that their influence and skills are not optimized as their organizations grow and become more complex. They frequently become the stewards of talent acquisition, benefit brokers, and ‘employee therapists.’ While each of these responsibilities is vitally important to the advancement of any organization, why does it seem that the HR leader does not grow strategically in their role at a pace commensurate with new, complex organizational dynamics?

In this highly interactive keynote, bestselling author and business relationship expert Ed Wallace will share the following 3 strategies for human resource professionals as they seek to advance their careers:

  • Thinking about relationships intentionally
  • What is your true value proposition?
  • Distinguishing yourself through FP&A and the ‘language of business’ capabilities

Who’s Up Next? Bench Planning and Creating Sustainability in Your Organization
Seth McColley
Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc.

In this session, Seth McColley, VP Human Resources at Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc., will talk about what bench planning is, why organizations need to bench plan, and how to bench plan. The conversation will also cover some stories and cautionary tales of his real-life experiences with bench planning.

Roundtable Collaboration

Join fellow HR professionals to discuss hot topics, issues, industry trends, and developments affecting human resources during this structured hour of sharing best practices.

Marijuana Legalization and Your Dealership—Are You Prepared?
Mark Kimzey
Kopon Airdo LLC

The rapidly evolving legal landscape concerning marijuana presents new and unique challenges. Dealerships must balance complying with conflicting federal, state, and local laws, maintaining a safe work environment, and protecting the privacy and other legal rights of applicants and employees. This presentation by AED’s General Counsel will provide an overview of current federal and state laws and explore key legal issues, such as: workplace drug policies, drug testing, and reasonable accommodation requests. The discussion will emphasize what you should do to protect your dealership and diminish legal risks.

Managing a Remote Workforce
Marcy Brajkovic
Chatfield Global

2020 brought about a historic shift to remote working. After nearly 18 months of working from home, virtual teams are now more the norm than the exception. Most companies now recognize that the trend is set to continue.

Managing a team isn’t a simple job in the best of times. In a virtual office, it proves even more challenging. Join us to discuss the most common challenges of managing virtual teams, the strategies to overcome them, and the essential skills managers need to have in order to create and manage effective virtual teams.

Apprenticeship Programs for The Equipment Industry: A Panel Discussion
Moderated by:
TBD, Brandeis Machinery
TBD, Alta Equipment Company
TBD, RDO Equipment Company

Are you interested in learning more about establishing or strengthening an apprenticeship program? Join us for this panel discussion featuring AED members who have successfully implemented apprentice programs in their organizations. Ask questions, and benefit from insights into the best practices, common challenges, and industry perspective on the impact it can have on your dealership.

How HR Leaders Can Build Coaching Skills in Managers
Marcy Brajkovic
Chatfield Global

As HR professionals, some of the hardest challenges include working with managers who don’t understand the impact they have on their employees. HR leaders are in a unique position to model effective coaching while equipping managers with the tools to be excellent coaches to their own team members. However, in order to become effective coaches, managers will need to let go of some assumptions about themselves and their employees, be willing to learn and practice a new style of management and be OK feeling unnatural and awkward in the process.

Join us to discuss critical behaviors for managers who want to effectively coach employees and the mindset shift required to master the skill and art of helping someone improve their performance and reach their full potential.

Change According to the Great Masters
Lou Quinto

Leading change is difficult. Everyone has their own ideas on what needs to be improved and how it can be improved. Some people want to cling to the past – especially when the going gets rough. Meanwhile others get frustrated because the change can’t come fast enough. This presents many HR leaders with an unfamiliar challenge. Like the Great Masters, HR leaders must focus their attention on helping to create, communicate and get buy-in on a vision of what the “New World” will look like.

This session will discuss key concepts in implementing dealership change, including:

  • Painting a picture of the New World
  • Change starts at the top
  • Addressing the “human side”
  • Creating employee ownership
  • Communicating early and often
  • Celebrating success

Dealerships don’t reap the rewards of change with grand master plans. Change only occurs when there is buy-in at the individual employee level. The Great Masters understood that if they didn’t focus their efforts on the “human side” of change, even the most inspired plans can and will go awry. Join this session and learn from the mistakes the Great Masters made so your dealerships don’t repeat them!

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