2021 Leadership Conference Workshop Descriptions

Your Culture is Your Currency: Establishing and Growing a Positive Culture
Todd Cohen
SalesLeader LLC

Culture is amongst a company’s most precious assets – and when combined with people, your culture is a primary reason for today’s success and tomorrow’s continued success, growth, and differentiation. Culture is an intangible and invisible component that is felt and seen by every employee and your customers. Ultimately what stands out in customers’ minds is not the price or the terms but the feeling that they made a safe decision. Culture is everywhere and embodied by everyone.

In this interactive workshop, every attendee will have the opportunity to learn not just how to establish a positive culture, but to keep it growing.

This session will explore:

  • The essential elements of a stable and growth-oriented culture vs. a stagnant culture
  • The two ways companies establish their unique culture
  • Why culture is all about people
  • How to motivate everyone to own the culture and help it grow
  • How to spot problems and correct them
  • Confidence and courage to self-evaluate
  • Lip service vs. action to make culture a priority


Building Relationships That Last
Ed Wallace

Times sure have changed in the past year. Businesses changed and people always seem to be changing. But what doesn’t change is the value of building trusted relationships with customers, colleagues, and vendors. In a world where practically everything can be automated, commoditized or outsourced, trusted relationships are the constant – the North Star – that change the growth trajectories of individuals and companies.

In this workshop, Ed Wallace, author of the #1 best seller The Relationship Engine, will take you through a fast-moving, immediately actionable program on becoming a true relational leader. You’ll never take another relationship for granted.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Leading through influence by applying The 5 Principles of Relational Leadership
    • Displaying worthy intent and delivering on its promise
    • Caring about people’s Relational GPS® – goals, passions, and struggles
    • Making every interaction matter, regardless of how minor it may seem
    • Valuing people before processes
    • How to connect performance to a purpose
  • Max the taxi driver’s competitor-proof relationship approach
  • Ways to unlock hidden relationship KPIs
  • How to use the Relational Ladder to transform contacts into high-performing relationships
  • Action planning in support of your own goals

This workshop will also include a complimentary RQ assessment to measure the strength of your most important business relationships.

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