2021 Small Dealer Conference Sessions

The Power of Leadership Coaching
Tim Hagen

There is no greater tool to develop talent than a leader who is skilled in coaching his or her employees. While training is extremely valuable, nothing replaces the relationship between a leader who coaches and invests in his or her people. The number one reason people give for quitting an organization is their boss; therefore, coaching provides an apparatus to reverse this trend to the advantage of the business.

During this session, specific techniques beyond traditional coaching concepts will be taught, as they can help dealerships drive talent development and retention that leads to greater productivity, positioning the dealership for success.

Attendees will learn:

  • What really motivates people
  • How to coach when time is limited
  • Why Career Coaching retains and develops top talent
  • A 30 second coaching technique that drives trust and commitment
  • A conversation model that facilitates successful delegation and accountability
  • How to apply peer to peer coaching as a tool to drive performance and future leaders
  • How coaching drives succession planning throughout the organization
  • How coaching drives employee retention
  • How coaching can help address workforce shortage
  • How coaching helps grow the business


Marketing & eCommerce for the Small Dealer
Brian Bluff

Branding, services, promotions, products, pricing, prints, blogs, advertising, research, and social media—with all the marketing options out there, it can be difficult for a small dealer to know what to do. This session will review the key points dealers need to consider when evaluating and implementing their marketing strategy.

Topics include:

  • The pros and cons of building a marketing team and working with a marketing agency
  • Choosing the right digital marketing partner, and what to look for
  • Short term and long term goals in marketing and where you can make the biggest impact
  • Tools that small dealerships can use to get started


A Small Dealer’s Guide to HR
Marcy Brajkovic
Chatfield Global

Many small dealers are running a lean Human Resources department or have a leader who manages HR along with other business functions. In these cases, it’s challenging to get the day-to-day HR activities complete, and nearly impossible to do any strategic Human Resources and talent planning.

Join us for an informative session where we will talk through strategies to address everything from attracting and retaining talent, to establishing a training and development plan to grow your existing team, or setting a compensation structure or succession plan for your dealership. We will discuss a framework to help you assess what to Buy, Build or Borrow when it comes to HR processes so that you can invest your limited time to create the greatest value for your organization and people.


Dealer Cybersecurity: How One Small Mistake Caused 20 Years of Punishment
Kevin Landers
rocketwise, inc.

Dealers have a lot going on. Every. Single. Day…right?

Customers to service. Sales quotas to make. Parts to sell, deliver or ship. Financing paperwork to sort through. Team members to hire and train up. Taxes to file, bills to pay, invoicing to send out. Marketing strategies to think up and execute.

But wait… there’s more stress to add on top.

What if you were hit with ransomware? That’s scary software that locks all of your data. And you can’t get access to it without paying the hackers a huge ransom fee. That means no internet access. No customer data. No access to files and emails. You have to notify customers. And file a claim with your insurance carrier, if you have the right insurance.

Ransomware attacks are very difficult and expensive to fix once they’ve happened. It takes an average of 16 days to fix. Better to prevent an attack in the first place. You need a plan.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why your dealership is never “too small” for a ransomware attack
  • The call you never want to receive and the call you never want to make
  • Compliance penalties: How one mistake caused one dealer 20 years of punishment
  • Why the insurance industry is cracking down on policies and what to do about it


How to Cover Your Assets by Managing Your Inventories
Luke Sheppard
Sheppard & Company

Inventory challenges for dealers are nothing new, though they have peaked during the pandemic. Even in times of plenty, how you manage your inventory can significantly impact your business results and customer satisfaction.

At a time like now, when the supply of new products and parts is at an all-time low, you need to be even more efficient with inventory management by focusing on the things you can control. As a bonus, implementing efficient processes and procedures for managing your inventory now will lead to better results when supplies rebound.

In this session, participants will learn strategies, tactics, best practices, and key performance measures for managing whole goods (new/used/rental), parts, work in process, and consumables inventories.


Building Your Customer Base through Products & Process

This block will feature two mini-sessions: Building Your Customer Base and Acquiring New Customers with Rental & Complementary Products

Building Your Customer Base
Steve Clegg
Winsby, Inc.

Any successful dealership has a solid customer base. But how do you continue to build on that foundation to ensure success today and beyond? This session will give attendees the tools needed to put in place a formal process for growing their customer base.

Topics include:

  • Identifying your top industries and geographic limitations
  • Identifying decision makers
  • How to track what’s working and what isn’t
  • Determining customer volume need and loss rates
  • The easiest way to increase how often your customers are purchasing
  • The one activity that increased customer retention by 30%

Acquiring New Customers with Rental & Complementary Products
Ace Harrington
MTA Distributors

This session will cover not only the economic benefits of rental, but also the strategic marketing benefits that rental offers dealerships in the form of both new customers and additional touch points of all customers.

We will cover the important elements of a sound rental business model, required capital, operational “must-do’s,” fleet mix, and more.

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