2022 Summit Sales Track

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How to Build a Legendary Customer Experience Culture
Andrew Chapman
Signature Worldwide

Customers in your market have many choices in their purchase and rental decisions. With so many options and smarter customers who have access to more information, your employees must be prepared to help themselves and your company stand out. That starts with building a customer experience culture that everyone is a part of.

Topics include:

  • How to transform your company’s customer experience culture
  • Building customer loyalty through exceptional customer service
  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Understanding how to build value that really matters to your customers
  • How to unify your organization to communicate more consistently
  • Emotional vs. functional transactions


Pick Up the Phone and Sell: How to Grow Your Sales 25% Annually
Alex Goldfayn
The Revenue Growth Consultancy

The pandemic has ended in the business world. But many of your meetings won’t come back (as many as 50%).

Customers have figured out they can buy what they need without hosting salespeople. And many of your customers won’t even be in the office to take your meetings, they will be working from home.

Join two-time Wall Street Journal bestselling author Alex Goldfayn for a powerful session on how to grow sales predictably and calmly by systematically selling over the phone. Alex will lay out the tools his clients use to generate 25% annual sales growth. We THINK our customers’ phones are ringing off the hook. This is not the case. The vast majority of salespeople do not call on your customers (when is the last time YOUR phone rang with a supplier calling you, when nothing was wrong?).

This practical session is filled with techniques, approaches, and scripts to turn proactive calls by your customer facing teams into predictable and dramatic sales growth!


Sales Lessons from The Princess Bride
Troy Harrison
Troy Harrison International

There’s a popular meme going around stating that “The Princess Bride” is the perfect movie because it encompasses all the popular genres. But did you know that it’s packed with lessons for salespeople and sales managers?

In this program, attendees will learn what those lessons are, and you’ll do it in a fun and entertaining way. More than just a dry “sales seminar,” you’ll remember this program, the lessons taught, and you’ll put them to work!

Topics include:

  • The perfect introduction
  • Sending your team into battle
  • How to never give up
  • Healthy vs. unhealthy competition
  • Why you should never play games

And more!


Challenges in Marketing Used Equipment
Tom Hirt
FSK Equipment & Supply

The used equipment market is hot. Dealers are light on used machines available for sale, and auctions are seeing low numbers of machines. With the need for used equipment expected to remain high, it’s a seller’s market. That being said, dealers need to be aware of common problems in marketing used equipment, and how to avoid them.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the challenges and pitfalls of working with used equipment buyers and sellers
  • Proper evaluation
  • Important details you must consider
  • Identifying fair market value
  • Best methods for promoting on the market both nationally and internationally

Sales Management. Simplified.: Keys to Creating a High-Performance Sales Culture & Driving Long-Term Results
Mike Weinberg

The sales leader is the KEY to creating high-performance culture and driving long-term sales success. In this highly engaging, interactive session, Mike Weinberg, author of Sales Management. Simplified., will review the most common sales management sins that damage culture and diminish sales results.
Attend this session and he will help you:

  • Master the highest-payoff sales management activity (The 1:1 accountability meeting) and learn how to radically increase accountability (even when business is great) without being a jerk, demotivating, or micromanaging your team in just 15 minutes per month per salesperson!
  • Conduct sales team meetings that energize and engage your salespeople
  • Implement the 3 R’s of smart talent management (right people in right roles, retain your top-producers, and remediate or replace underperformers quickly)

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