2022 Summit Technology Track

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Paul Smith
Rubblemaster Americas

With global dynamics rapidly presenting new and unprecedented challenges, the industry is continually under increased pressures to process construction materials in a manner that is more simple, safe, productive, and economical—in some cases with minimal or no advance warning. This has driven manufacturers to innovate new technologies leveraging whole good assets equipped with refined machine controls, remote operation and performance monitoring, and energy-efficient electric drive systems.

Attend this session and learn how dealers are finding growth opportunities by adding mobile material processing machinery to service their existing customer base.


From Idea to Implementation: Choosing the Right Tech Partner
Brad Bates, JT Bates Group
Jason Doan, Holt CAT

This session will feature Brad Bates, chief information officer at JT Bates Group and Jason Doan, vice president of heavy rentals and sales operations at Holt CAT for a discussion on dealer best practices when it comes to working with technology partners. Learn the three key characteristics to look for in a tech partner, and how these will help benefit your dealership.


It’s 2022, Time To Upgrade Your DX: Improving Your Customers’ Digital Experience Across Multiple Channels
Thomas Armitage
Site-Seeker, Inc.

For more than a decade, the form fill was the sole source for website-based lead generation. Not anymore. In today’s day and age, especially in light of millennials moving into decision-making roles, we’re seeing trends where other platforms are now just as important.

From SMS to social media to online chat to Google My Business, there’s a half dozen or more portals that your dealership needs to be considering. If not, you’re losing leads. And you’re losing deals.

This session will provide attendees with clear takeaways on how to:

  • Improve your lead generation system
  • Set up call tracking and online chat
  • Ensure all web properties are accurate and up-to-date

And more!


No Pain, No Gain: The Digital Transformation That Will Make Dealers Priceless
Luke Powers

Do you really know just how painful equipment downtime is for your contractor customers? Getting their machines back up and running is costly, chaotic, and completely time-consuming. But in the middle of this mess, a tremendous opportunity is emerging for dealers. By leveraging technology, you can provide immeasurable value to your customers by getting closer to their needs in real time.

In this presentation, attendees will learn:

  • Why helping your customers become proactive instead of reactive will elevate your long-term worth
  • How to uncover the full scope of your customers’ fleet maintenance challenges
  • How technology can transition you from an equipment and parts acquisition channel to a fleet uptime partner
  • How your expertise and service can be better surfaced online


Industry’s Rapidly Changing Technologies
John Bolling
CDK Global Heavy Equipment

The last 18 months, while chaotic, gets credit for rapidly fast-forwarding the adoption of certain technologies in the heavy equipment business. Some of these technologies have been around for quite some time but just recently have been streamlined. Some are brand new to the industry and have rapidly been adopted.

We are experiencing the most rapid technology advancements ever in our industry, and this session will discuss the adoption of this technology and how it will change the look and landscape of our industry forever.

Topics include:

  • How the pandemic has changed the industry’s expectations
  • Managing the customer 2.0
  • The new world of workflows for both you and the customer
  • Why technology has to be at the leadership table

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