Sales Leadership & Culture Workshop

Sales Leadership & Culture Workshop

Influential sales leaders know that their job is to lead and grow people. It requires a new understanding of the mindset and behaviors needed to transition to sales management successfully. Whether you are new to the role or have been a sales manager for a while, it is a position based on confidence, presence, and respect, and this workshop will challenge and show you new ideas that will help drive your success.

Being a high impact and courageous sales leader requires awareness, skill, and ability to execute the responsibilities of leading and developing a sales team. In this multi-segment and interactive seminar, every participant will see for themselves how they can evolve their skills into sales leadership!

You will learn new and essential skills that are necessary to be a successful and productive sales leader. These new behaviors and mindsets will help YOU accelerate your development as a sales leader and enable you to keep the team moving ahead in these challenging times.

This unique, virtual multi-part seminar includes:

  • Leading a team is creating a sales culture with your team
  • The mindset and behaviors common to great sales leaders
  • Practical and useful everyday coaching skills and tools
  • How presence makes your sales team wildly successful
  • Profitable networking skills
  • The mindset and behavior of successful time management
  • Creating an onboarding and training plan ensuring success and a quick start
  • Successful recruiting skills
  • Being an effective go-between and advocate for your team and upper management
  • Forecasting skills and articulating sales performance for the month, quarter, and year
  • The importance of data!
  • Do you HAVE a sales process? Developing, evaluating, and tweaking yours!

This seminar is designed for new and mid-level sales leaders and those looking to elevate and improve their skill set.



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