As AED’s monthly publication, the award-winning AED Magazine focuses specifically on delivering relevant industry news and information to the construction equipment industry. AED readers are individuals from dealerships, rental companies and manufacturers. They are owners, CEOs, COOs, presidents, vice presidents, general managers, CFOs, branch managers, sales managers, rental managers, service managers and parts managers.


As the monthly flagship publication of AED, we take pride in covering the industry in a unique and insightful way! AED gives our members what they want to read: business information, statistics and industry-related news, plus fresh, original content that fuels the construction equipment industry. Our goal is to continuously make improvements to provide a resource that enhances day-to-day activities within the industry, and this begins with you, our reader. AED welcomes letters on any subjects that are
raised in the publication. Your opinion and observations matter. If you have a story or topic that you think should be covered in an upcoming issue, we encourage you to send a short summary to AED’s Editor-in-Chief, Chris Bomba, at:
[email protected]630-286-1376



Submitting your story to AED is easy! Let us walk you through some necessary steps. First, it is best if you submit your fully completed story to our publishing team for review. You should include any high-resolution photos that are 150 dpi or higher, a brief bio of one to three sentences and any necessary contact information. If you are pitching an unwritten story idea, submit it as a formal email that includes your story outline, proposed length and direction. Please note that it is the contributor’s responsibility to provide accurate, factual and correct information; this includes spelling of proper names, places, addresses and foreign spellings, including accents.


The publication is typically divided into several columns and featured stories. These include; press releases/statements, product reviews, and industry-related columns. Most articles are between 650 and 1,300 words.

  • INDUSTRY NEWS is a section of the magazine where member companies of the association submit their exciting news to share. As a member benefit, we will publish updates about new employees, anniversaries, new openings, and everything in between.
  • PRODUCT PREVIEWS are submissions that introduce readers to new features or launches of equipment.
  • INDUSTRY COLUMNS are articles that include specific content related to the monthly theme. They provide advice, information, ideas and tips on subjects like telematics, human resources, workforce development, rental connections and more.
  • INDUSTRY SHOW PREVIEWS Typical content for this issue contains registration information, overview of the show, dates and special features.


Manufacturers and service provider members that advertise are featured monthly in AED. Tell your story in the Good Company and A Closer Look columns to communicate your value proposition and what makes you great.

  • Featured stories are complimentary with the minimum required ad buy-in.
  • Featured stories have a maximum of 650 words and will be placed next to your advertisement to maximize your company’s exposure.
  • Featured stories will be placed on the front cover.

STYLING: Preferred article styles include; profiles, how-to’s, reviews, Q&As, and infographics.

EXPOSURE: Hard copies of the magazine are distributed to subscribers monthly. Digital copies are archived here, and the current issue can be read here. Back issues of our old publication, CED Magazine, are still hosted online at


  1. Let the editor know what type of story you would like to provide: one-pager (650-word count article) or spread (1,300-2,300-word article).
  2. All images must be sent as separate attachments and have a minimum resolution of 150 DPI. If your company is not sure on what type of imagery to use, we will design the article with stock photos.
  3. All articles must be submitted with a headshot of the contributor.
  4. All submissions must include a brief bio of the author (one to five sentences) that will be placed at the end of the article. All potential articles should be sent to AED’s Editor-in-Chief, Chris Bomba, at [email protected] or 630-286-1376 The editor will be in touch after the review process to inform you if your submission will be used in an upcoming issue.

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